Part One: Health

Why read this book, how to read it, and, most importantly, solutions for how you might want to apply the information.

This book is about my life journey over the past six decades and the wisdom I gained through being open to learning. It is written as though we are having a conversation. So let’s talk.

Raised holistically by a mother who was ahead of her time on one side of my family, and a father from the Philippines, I was exposed to two different lifestyles and ways of thinking. As a teenager, I, of course, rebelled against the holistic lifestyle, only to eventually find out that eating closest to nature is best. After eating everything I couldn’t have growing up, I felt horrible, and my face broke out with pimples. That is when I decided to explore the journey to optimal health and to just feeling good again!

I describe the body like a 1,000-piece puzzle. To reach optimal health and well-being, you need to make sure you explore and find any missing pieces to your puzzle. These thousands of pieces all have to flow and flow together. Everything is about the flow of energy… Everything is energy, and when you run out of energy, you die. It is like the Energizer bunny—when its batteries run out of juice, it just stops. Disease is common today, but not normal. Most people think that it is normal that when you start getting older, you get gray hair, wrinkles, aches, and pains, and then you need a cane or a walker and so forth. But that is totally in their mind because that is how we are programmed by society. Thoughts in your mind are what create your body, your looks, and ultimately your life by the actions you take. So this book is about a new way of thinking and being—it’s about being beautiful, glowing, vibrant, energetic, healthy, happy, and full of joy!

I share with you the most important pieces to the puzzle, and, of course, I always give you possible solutions. The most important thing is for you to take action and, by shifting your thinking, to create the result you are looking for. My suggestion is that you read the book from front to back. Then read it again with pen and paper, and write down the areas where you are going to make changes in your life. If money is an issue, you will want to take action in Part 2 of this book to find your pot of gold. After you have made changes in your life and are getting the results you want, read the book again with pen and paper, and again write down more changes you are going to make in your life and apply them. Use the book as a reference guide and read it over and over again, applying what you learn until you reach optimal health and well-being and are living the life of your dreams with enthusiasm and joy!

In this book, my focus is on prevention and age reversing, so I do not talk about disease; instead, I talk about health and what works from my experience. I talk about solutions that you can explore because there is no such thing as a silver bullet or a magic pill. This is a journey, so be patient with yourself. Your body knows the status of its priorities, and they may not be the same as yours.

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Part Two: Wealth

The reason there is a Part 2 of this book is because I do not want anyone to say they can’t afford it! There are things in Part 1 of this book that are free, and things that are very inexpensive, and there are also things in Part 1 that would benefit your well-being that are more expensive than you might want to explore to get to optimal health.

The most important thing about creating wealth in your life and being able to afford anything you desire is, first, changing your thinking and your belief system. So again I share about my experience coming from a poor family—my father coming from a third world country and my mother from the poor South, New Orleans, during the Depression.

Things I share about in Part 2 are related to

1. your belief system,
2. your passion, and
3. your relationships.

I share a simple system to create unlimited income once you have conquered 1, 2, and 3, and make the decision to take continuous action until you reach your financial lifestyle goal and beyond. This could be your pot of gold!