I Found the Fountain of Youth and the Pot of Gold is one of those books that carry a high-frequency solution for those truly looking to improve the quality of their lives! I have met many people on life’s journey who preach much and do little—but Emelie walks her talk, and that speaks volumes to those who cross her path. Emelie speaks truth in a time where chaos is king, disinformation is abundant, and science seems to validate opposing solutions to almost every problem. Learning to ask questions, educate yourself, and listen and discern based on your inner voice is what this book communicates to the reader. Offering accessible real-world solutions, Emelie leaves a trail of superfoods and powerful suggestions on how to claim the greatest prizes in life… awesome health, well-being, and abundance!”

— John Altshuler, Health Advocate and Entrepreneur

“Talk about gold! Comprehensive. Relevant. Life-altering. The table of contents alone tells me this will undoubtedly become my all-time favorite nightstand book. Emelie didn’t just happen upon that fountain of youth and pot of gold. She has joyously been in pursuit of them for the 15 years I have known her. She lives a dedicated, energetic, and positive life that sets a lofty (but possible) goal for each of us, whether we are almost 70 or are half her age. Emelie’s book will give you insight and the means to also live a life with passion and purpose that results in profound contributions to those around you.”

— Gina De Luca, Visionary and Peace Dancer


“Everyone is looking at their health now more than ever. It is refreshing to know that it is time we go back to basics to cure and prevent, and therefore live longer. Chapter 3, ‘Awakening Every Cell in Your Body,’ and chapter 8, ‘Detoxing Your Life,’ are going to inspire you to dig in and take action. Healthy longevity—YES! This book is full of nuggets that you can learn from and implement right away in your own life. Thank you, Emelie, for sharing your secret to the fountain of youth.”

— Suzanne Miles, author of Fork It

“I got excited to read this book to find out what the fountain of youth is. While reading, I realized I need not look far—I had it in my very own kitchen. Author Emelie Watson is a genius in coming up with this title. In a world that is made complex by science and technology, we just need to realize that what we really need is one of the basics of human existence: water.”

— Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND, author of MAXIMized Health

“Hands down—if there is an author who knows exactly what she is talking about, it is Emelie Watson. Lives a full life and still she vibrates youthfulness evidenced by this book. This is not just a one-time-read kind of book—this book is definitely a keeper.”

— Michelle Watson, author of Overcome and Rise Above