Free 1 hour Health Coaching Session

Health History Discovery Session, valued at $200.

Learn your body’s priorities and your next steps toward optimal health.

You can read more about and sign up for the health coaching session at the following link:

Prior to your session you must have a Health History form completed.  You can find the form that fits you (women/men/gender neutral) at:

During your session we will talk about primary foods.  Primary foods are what feed your soul, body, mind, and spirit. Examples of “primary foods” are things like relationships and career.  We will discuss and discover if maybe there are imbalances and what activities might need to be shifted. 

We will also talk about the secondary foods and how they feed your body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Secondary foods are the foods that you eat and drink.  With a balance of the outside things that we do that feed our emotions and the things we put in our body that nurture and feed our cells we can create a Healthy, Happy, Vibrant, and Fun-Loving Life!