Recall your Health is for individuals who are so busy with their careers and their families that they have forgotten to care for themselves.   They are completely oblivious as to why their health is starting to fail, they are finding themselves at the doctors office more often than ever as they feel a lack of well-being, and are not sure why their bodies are failing them so soon in life.  Stress and worry weighs heavy on their minds daily and they are not sure how to get off the treadmill and create some balance and happiness in their life.

This workshop is about creating a real transformation; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by self discovery as to how you created this life of turmoil and overwhelm that is making you ill from the inside out.  It is about unwinding the twisted rope by taking simple but powerful steps to turn things around and live a life that you love with joy and happiness.  It is a fun program where you will learn about things that you probably never thought about before, which will make you laugh when you really think about it.

The program is a 6 month one-on-one program. We will meet every other week, live online, via Zoom in an interactive video room.

The program is designed for you to discover your bio-individuality, which will help you to understand; what got you where you are now, and how to reverse it.  In this program you will discover a new passion for who you are and what you need to do to turn things around and live a life of vibrant health, joy, enthusiasm, and do it with passion!!  A True Transformation!!

Workshop includes:

  • An individual one hour Health History Session prior to workshop.
  • Live via Zoom every other week for 6 months.
  • Access to me via email or text during the 6 month program.
  • An individual one hour completion session during the last week of the workshop.
  • A copy of my book “I Found the Fountain of Youth and the Pot of Gold”

You will learn about the following topics:

  • Creating the life of your dreams
  • Your second brain is the foundation of good health
  • Water, liquids what are you really drinking
  • Primary foods
  • Secondary foods
  • Toxic relationships
  • Every day toxins
  • What are you thinking?
  • What/Who are you listening to?
  • Feeding your mind, body, and spirit
  • When is it time to start having FUN?
  • Focusing on health and just being healthy
  • Is something zapping your energy?
  • Are you really sleeping?
  • The dental connection
  • Structural alignment
  • Reading labels, don’t be fooled
  • Voting with your dollars
  • Connecting with your inner passion
  • What are your hearts desires?

Workshop Details

*All participants must complete a health history form.*

Contact us at: or 925-789-7725

Emelie Watson INHC, Author of “ I Found the Fountain of Youth and the Pot of Gold,” and Graduate of the “Institute for Integrative Nutrition”

Workshop dates:  Ongoing, one-on-one (group sessions can be arranged)

Workshop Sessions: 90 minutes per session, twice per month

Workshop location:  Online, Virtual via Zoom (a live, virtual interactive video room), link will be sent before first workshop session, sent to the email you provide with your registration

*Begin the no-obligation registration process by completing a Health History Form (link below) to receive a complimentary one-on-one consultation with Emelie Watson, select the type of Health History Form that best fits your situation.

Health History Form: women, men, gender neutral

*Corporate discounts available. Contact me for more information.

*Work Partner Discounts for groups of 8. Gather a group of 8 to receive half off. Contact me for further details.

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