• Millennials to baby boomers
  • Women and men
  • The overworked and underpaid
  • The overwhelmed and unappreciated
  • The unhealthy and unhappy
  • The seekers of rejuvenation and harmony



The roadmap to a healthier, wealthier, happier, more
fun-loving lifestyle.

  • Water? Is that what you’re really drinking?
  • Know what not to eat, what to eat, and where to find it.
  • Optimize your health and throw your aging into reverse.
  • Eliminate stress and regain your spirit.
  • Has your dentist affected your health and well-being?
  • Is your head really on straight? Benefit from an alignment miracle.
  • Electronics are zapping more than your cell bill.
  • Get on the road to riches. Which vehicle do you want?
  • Relationships are the secret to success.
  • Live your passion with enthusiasm.
  • Find your Pot of Gold and enjoy the life of your dreams!


  • Break the cycle of addiction to the things that are making you sick, tired, and broke.
  • Make powerful but simple shifts to eliminate stress, regain health, be happy, and wake up smiling.
  • Never again say, “I can’t afford it!” Learn a simple system to unleash unlimited income and enjoy the life of your dreams.
  • Look and feel like a million dollars.

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“Everyone is looking at their health now more than ever. It is refreshing to know that it is time we go back to basics to cure and prevent, and therefore live longer. Chapter 3, ‘Awakening Every Cell in Your Body,’ and chapter 8, ‘Detoxing Your Life,’ are going to inspire you to dig in and take action. Healthy longevity—YES! This book is full of nuggets that you can learn from and implement right away in your own life. Thank you, Emelie, for sharing your secret to the fountain of youth.”

—Suzanne Miles
author of Fork It

“I got excited to read this book to find out what the fountain of youth is. While reading, I realized I need not look far—I had it in my very own kitchen. Author Emelie Watson is a genius in coming up with this title. In a world that is made complex by science and technology, we just need to realize that what we really need is one of the basics of human existence: water.”

—Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND
author of MAXIMized Health

“Hands down—if there is an author who knows exactly what she is talking about, it is Emelie Watson. Lives a full life and still she vibrates youthfulness evidenced by this book. This is not just a one-time-read kind of book—this book is definitely a keeper.”

—Michelle Watson
author of Overcome and Rise Above