• It is owned and operated in the country you live in, or understands your country’s marketplace and the way business is conducted.
  • Owners and management must have successful business experience.
  • They must understand the network marketing industry.
  • They must be transparent with communications to the field.
  • They must listen with open ears to the field leaders.
  • They must have impeccable integrity.
  • The company must be financially stable.
  • The company must provide the tools necessary to share the products or services and opportunity.
  • Products or services must be unique in terms of formulation or function.
  • Products or services must be unparalleled in comparison to the competition.
  • The company must manufacture its own products and have control of consistent quality.
  • The products must not have any toxic ingredients and not pose an environmental issue.
  • Products or services must create the results that are promised.


The compensation plan must be fair and an equal opportunity for all distributors.


You should be congruent with the company’s culture and their mission.

If You Know You’re Passionate

If you know you’re passion, and you feel that the network marketing industry is a fit for you, then connect with me and I will do my best to match your passion with a company whose mission is aligned with yours.





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